Compression Garment Benefits |

I hope that you enjoy this look at the benefits of compression garments. I know reshaping or the appearance of weight loss is what usually comes to mind when people think about the benefits of compression garments such as girdles, corsets, stays, etc. Also known as shapewear, compression garments instantly shape and slim the body by flattening desired areas such as the abdomen, waist, hips, buttocks, back, and thighs. Compression garments, such as the Body Magic by Ardyss International, can give you a whole new slimmer look and camouflage problem areas. The unique design of the Body Magic helps you to immediately drop up to three dress sizes in a matter of minutes, promoting lipotransportation (redistribution of fatty tissue). Ardyss also has garments for men that instantly reduces the waistline up to three belt sizes. But other than these cosmetic benefits, there are plenty of other reasons to wear these garments.Along with reshaping, compression garments are also used for medical and healing reasons, as well as for athletic purposes. Medical purposes include orthopedic support, post-operative recovery benefits, trauma rehabilitation, and pain relief, to name a few. (You should always consult a physician before wearing these garments for medical purposes).For example, after liposuction most surgeons require that their patients wear these garments to reduce bleeding immediately after surgery and to lessen swelling while the body is healing. These garments are also used primarily to treat people with lymphedema or lymphatic obstruction. Ardyss’ Body Magic was actually designed by orthopedic surgeons to help correct the body’s posture while protecting the spine and the union of the femur to the pelvis, and supporting the upper and lower back.Compression athletic wear is normally made of a flexible, elastic material like spandex or lycra. These type of fabrics keep the muscles warm, preventing strain and fatigue. Garment manufacturers say that these garments improve recovery after exercise, increase power and enhance athletic performance in a variety of sporting activities.There are more benefits still.In addition to keeping the muscles warm, thermoregulation also efficiently removes perspiration from the skin aiding the body’s cooling system in warm weather and keeping the body warm in cold weather.These garments also reduce muscle oscillation which is small tears in the muscle tissue along with a build up of lactic acid. This reduction allows you to work harder and longer while experiencing less pain than normal.These garments promote increased circulation by speeding up the blood flow to your muscles and removing waste like lactic acid. This again leads to faster post-exercise recovery.Increased Proprioception helps the members of your body know where they are in relation to other members. This helps to prevent injury because not only does the garment provide support, it also helps you to be more aware of your range of movement.Finally there is increased muscle output due to the elastic and supportive properties of the fabric. Recent studies claim that the stretch in the fabric aids the stretch reflex / shortening cycle which helps with the power output.Now all compression garments do not have all of these attributes, as some are designed for explicit purposes. I just wanted to emphasize that these garments do quite a bit more than just reshape your body. There are several traits that they all share though. They are comfortable to wear. They hide imperfections and helps you present a slimmer image. The Body Magic is only one of many compression garments produced by Ardyss International. Feel free to contact me for more information about any of these exceptional garments.