Compression Garment – What to Look For in a Compression Garment? |

Compression garments are the perfect way to reduce the appearance of gynecomastia. There are various manufacturers available on the market today and it can often be difficult to choose which garment is best for you. This article will highlight 5 key things to look for when selecting your garment.StretchThe amount of stretch in your gynecomastia garment is very important. You should also look for a compression garment with good elasticity. F5 is a material used for compression garments that has a good balance of comfort and support. The idea essentially is to feel as though you are wearing a normal vest.SoftnessAs this garment is going to be positioned very closely to your skin it is essential that you select a fabric which is soft and won’t scratch or rub too much against your skin.Moisture ProtectionSweat is a big issue with any figure hugging garment. Breathable fabrics which let air in and out are the best and will eliminate any issues with sweating which can be embarrassing and uncomfortable.AntimicrobialBacteria can be an issue with any tight fitting garment. Finding materials with built in antimicrobial properties is a great idea and will help to avoid any bacteria, mould or mildew in your compression garment thus avoiding embarrassing stenches and odours. This allows the fabric to smell and feel fresher for longer, even after extended periods of use.DurabilitySome people only wear their compression vests under particular items of clothing however you may want to wear your compression garment every day and as such don’t want to run the risk of your garment falling apart after only a few washes. Trying to select a durable compression will avoid this.After reading this article you should be well aware of what you should look for when trying to find the right compression garment for you.