Ardyss Compression Garments for Back Pain |

Ardyss International manufactures innovative medical grade therapeutic garments. The garments were designed by Dr Lionel Kelly, an orthopedic surgeon over 20 years ago. The garments have recently been given the green light by medical insurers for consumers to use the products for medical reasons only associated with back pain. The garments general prescriptive have been to provide overall body support and most users will experience improvement in posture, back support, and more alignment in the shoulders and throughout the back.The garments that have been approved for use are the Body Magic, Maternity and Post-Partum girdles, and the Men’s Abdomen t-shirt. According to Sharon Hudson, a member of the Ardyss Doctors Showcase and medical biller, these garments have been approved and there are codes that medical doctors can use to prescribe the garment for patients. The codes will work for those garments and have been used by some of the doctor associated with the Ardyss Doctors Showcase. The particular codes are only available for patients diagnosed with new symptoms such as abnormal postures, disk degeneration, or other ailments. The prescribing doctor must specify which quadrant of the back the patient is experiencing problems and then explain how the Body Magic, Maternity and Post-Partum girdles, or Men’s Abdomen t-shirt will help the patient.The Body Magic is a women’s garment designed to provide firm and constant pressure to control the abdomen, help to pull the shoulders back and correct your posture, straightens the back, and provide upper and lower back support.The Maternity girdle is designed to provide mom and baby the best comfort during pregnancy while helping to remove weight from your spinal column and balance the weight on the body.The Post-partum girdle is designed to smooth the appearance of your lower abdomen after childbirth. This garment is also recommended for use of reducing the appearance of fat in your stomach. The garment may help with speedy recovery after childbirth by encouraging the internal organs to reposition themselves into their proper location. It helps the abdomen and back muscle by redistributing weight.The Men’s t-shirt is designed to provide a firm abdominal support and to reinforce the lower back. It protects the spine from backaches and muscular fatigue, and stimulates muscular toning in your abdomen.Most physicians are permitted to prescribe the garments however the patients have to pay for garment in its entirety at the wholesale or retail price if the physician is a distributor and then they can request reimbursement from their insurance. Patients will receive a 40-60% reimbursement on the garment. The garments typically range from $75-$175 dollars per garment.